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Why should there be an Earth day? Every day should be earth day! we should be planting and loving mother earth every day.

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Akseli Gallen-Kallela (Finnish, 1865-1931), Skaters near the Shore of Kalela, 1896. Oil on canvas, 57 x 47 cm.

Stave Church in the snow Theodor Kittelsen 1907

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Adolf Hitler, 1936.
Today, I can say with joy that we no longer idealize the young fellow who can handle his beer and liquor, but the young man who can face any weather, the tough young man. For what matters is not how many glasses of beer he can drink, but how many blows he can withstand. Not how many nights he can spend doing the rounds of the bars and pubs, but how many kilometers he can march. Adolf Hitler (via hyperb0rean)

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I often go on bitter nights To Wodan’s oak in the quiet glade With dark powers to weave a union - The moonlight showing me the runic spell And all who are full of impudence during the day Are made small by the magic formula! They draw shining steel - but instead of going into combat, They solidify into stalagmites. Thus the wrong ones separate from the genuine ones - I reach into a nest of words Then give to the good and fair With my formula blessings and prosperity.
— Adolf Hitler (1915)
You must practice today the virtues that nations need when they wish to become great. You must be loyal, you must be courageous, you must be brave, and among yourselves you must form one great, splendid comradeship. Then all the sacrifices of the past that had to be made and were made for the life of our nation will not have been offered in vain. Adolf Hitler [as quoted by Horkenbach, 1933] (via hyperb0rean)

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