Waking up to the ocean breeze in your bedroom window… #blessed

Anonymous said: How has your weekend been? :)

It’s been wonderful, thank you for asking, dear Anon.:) 
I spent a week Up North, camping & enjoying the great outdoors. And now I’m on the East Coast (Rockport, MA), spending some quality time with my Family.

Happy Sunday!

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Rooted deep in the nature of every one of us is the spirit of adventure, the call of the wild — vibrating under all our actions, making life deeper and higher and nobler. Fridtjof Nansen

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Alone in the Wilderness.
Woah… Thank you!

Pack lighter, go further! 

Adventure awaits…:)
Woman holding child in arms Amelia Bauerle (1873-1916)


George Winslow, blacksmith, at work in his shop. He is holding a pipe and wearing a serious beard. (source)
Words to live by…