The Princess gathering cotton-grass (x)Theodor Kittelsen 1913
It is therefore our task to awaken once again the sense of the divine, to make the calling to motherhood the way through which the German woman will see her calling to be mother of the nation. She will then not live her life selfishly, but rather in service to her people. Gertrud Scholtz-Klink

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"For us women, to be German meant, and still means, always to be strong." — Gertrud Scholtz-Klink (source)

fadedmarginalia said: Hello. Pumpkins. Squash bugs. Help. Please.

Hi there, my advice to you right now is to handpick the adults and nymphs, in the morning or late afternoon, and carefully remove the egg clusters from leaves.
Next season, you should consider planting Nasturtiums near your pumpkins, it not only deters bugs but also aphids and other pests, plus they are edible flowers. ;)

If you have any other questions related to this topic, send me an “ask” to my gardening blog — Artaman.

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If you have never had a dog, you don’t know what love and to be loved really is. Arthur Schopenhauer 

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Illustration of the Brothers Grimm’ fairytale "Die Sterntaler", by Victor Paul Mohn (1882).
"You know you came from it. And someday you’ll return to it…"