Virgin with Trees of Life, sun birds, leaves, flowers and stars. A paragon of the Purity and Beauty of the blossoming life. German cross-stitch design published in 1935. A work in progress…
Today is Reinhold Messner's Birthday. Congratulations to 70 years of adventure!:) 
Photo: Manuel Schmelzer
Thankful for my wonderful neighbors who surprised me with this delicious & healthy gift. Physalis aka Golden Berries, pure Vitamin C bonbons.
Beautiful Moment by Manuel Stolle
The Hunter’s Moon John T. McCutcheon (1870 - 1949)


Do no harm to those you love. Reserve all hate for those who hate us and do us harm. Rise above all pettiness you encounter amongst your friends and family.
Show them the way by being a true role model in your words and conduct. Share your knowledge with your family and friends. If they react foolishly or incredulous, be patient and explain. Truth truly is ours! They will see soon enough, if not now.

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I had a long bus trip yesterday and came up with another idea for a screen print.
Back to an old project…