hyperb0rean asked: Oh, wow! Today is my Birthday too. Happy Birthday to you:):) I love your photography!!


Well obvisouly we are the coolest for sharing a birthday! Happy birthday to you too! And thank you :)

Yes, we are! Hehe. Thank YOU.:):)

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To exist is to defy all that threatens you. To be a rebel is not to accumulate a library of subversive books or to dream of fantastic conspiracies or of taking to the hills. It is to make yourself your own law. To find in yourself what counts. To make sure that you’re never “cured” of your youth. To prefer to put everyone up against the wall rather than to remain supine. To pillage whatever can be converted to your law, without concern for appearance. Dominique Venner 

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Never waste time criticizing traitors, cowards, self-interested bellwethers; nor, of course, should you forgive them; just ignore them and press on. The silence of contempt. Dominique Venner (via vandrare)

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The virtues praised by Homer are not moral but aesthetic. He believes in the unity of the human being defined by his style and his acts. Thus men define themselves with reference to the beautiful and the ugly, the noble and the vile, not good or evil. Or, to put it differently, the striving for the beautiful is the condition of the good. Dominique Venner (via vandrare)

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Tribute to Dominique Venner

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Aesthetics grounds ethics (the good is defined by what is beautiful) and ethics grounds aesthetics (the good is inseparable from the beautiful).

Cultivate beauty (aesthetic sense) for yourself and your loved ones. Beauty is not a matter of money and consumption. It resides in all things, primarily in the small details of life.

Beauty is given freely by nature: the poetry of clouds in a bright sky, the patter of rain on a tent, starry nights, sunsets in summer, the first snowflakes, the colors of the forest in winter, the first flowers in the garden, the hooting of the owl at night, the smell of a wood fire above a cottage in the country …

If the beauty of nature is given to us, the beauty we create in our lives requires effort and attention.

Remember that there is no beauty (or joy) without harmony of colors, materials, shapes, and styles.

Dominique Venner, Christmas: Beauty in Life (via radical-traditionalism)

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chucrutypilsen asked: Feliz cumpleaños!. I hope you have a pleasant and lovely day with your family and loved ones.

Muchas gracias, señor. Saludos! : )

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